Piano music on two or more pianos is our passion

BC 94990 Canto Ostinato XXL, Simeon ten Holt
94873 front
BC 94873 Complete Solo Piano Music, JacobTV
9454 BC, Piano Music, Jeroen van Veen
9453 BC, Canto Ostinato XL, Simeon ten Holt
PP 2047 front
2047 PP, Canto Ostinato for Synthesizers, Simeon ten Holt
9542 BC WAVES, The Piano Collection, Ludovico Einaudi
für Anna Maria
94774 BC Für Anna Maria, complete Piano Works Arvo Pärt

9261 BC Canto Ostinato for four pianos by Piano Ensemble, recording 2005

2011 (PP2029) Canto Ostinato for three pianos and organ

2011 (PP2028) NLXL on Music
Canto Ostinato for two pianos
2011 (PP2027) Canto Ostinato (composers choice)

2011 (PP2026) Canto Ostinato for two Prepared Pianos (download only)
Minimal Piano II
2010 (BC 9171) Minimal Piano Collection, Volume X-XX (11CD)
Canto Ostinato included!

2009 (ZEF) Douwe Eisenga, The Piano Files (1 CD)
Erik Satie
2009 (BC 9129) Complete Works Piano four hands, erik satie (1Cd)
Canto Ostinato
2008 (ZEF9615) CANTO OSTINATO, simeon ten holt (1 Cd)
Tubular Bells
2008 (BC8812) TUBULAR BELLS, mike oldfield (1 Cd)


2001 (PP2010) CANTO OSTINATO, simeon ten holt (1 Cd)

1998 (PP9800) INCANTATIE IV, simeon ten holt (2 Cd)

1996 (PP9600) CANTO OSTINATO, simeon ten holt (1 Cd)

Canto Ostinato (PP9600)-second release January 2001!
Ten  Holt's most famous masterpiece for 2 pianos (54:02)

Canto Ostinato, (PP2010)
Ten  Holt's most famous masterpiece for 2 pianos and  2 marimabas (72:34)

Incantatie IV (PP9800)
Repetitive, melodic and tonal pianomusic for 3 pianos, live recorded on 2 CDs (2:10:49)

2005 Complete Multiple Piano Works by Simeon ten Holt. (11 cd)
Irene Russo, Fred Oldenburg, Sandra & Jeroen van Veen
www.brilliantclassics.com, CD 7795

2007 Tubular Bells, Mike Oldfield 
Arrangement for four pianos and for two pianos and two synthesizers.
With Marcel & Elizabeth Bergmann
www.brilliantclassics.com CD 8812

2008 Canto Ostinato for two pianos  Recorded in Middelburg, release on September 12th during Simeon 85 Festival

2009 Parade, Complete works for piano four hands by Erik Satie Recorded at Evert Snel Cd BC 9129

2010, Minimal Piano Collection, Volume X-XX